Behind the Shoot: Desert Collection

1. What was the design process like for this collection? 
When designing this collection, we very much started with the destination in mind. The desert landscape in that part of the country is so unique and beautiful. We knew a soft, soothing color palette would complement the surroundings and feel like spring. 

2. Why was the Amangiri the perfect location for this shoot?
Amangiri is so magical and unlike any other destination. It has always been a dream to go there and shoot. It is so striking to see the modern stone property against the expansive landscape and we knew Olivia could capture it perfectly.

3. Tell us about the new styles and designs for this collection.
The cotton lawn and modal styles we introduced last year got some fresh color updates. We also released a cool watercolor stripe that was painted by William Santiago, the artist behind the watercolor hearts. We also added more little girl's pajama styles. It's been so fun to match and coordinate these looks with the women's styles. 

4. Where will you be taking the Desert collection this spring?
We just got back from shooting the summer collection in Miami! 

5. What was your favorite memory from the shoot? 
You wouldn't know it from the photos, but it actually snowed the morning of the shoot! Luckily, the snow cleared up mid-morning and the shoot went on.

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