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Behind the Shoot: Lake x Rebecca Atwood

Read below as designer  Rebecca Atwood shares her perspective on our recently released collaboration.  


1. What inspired the pattern and colors for the collection?

This pattern began, like many of my designs, in my sketchbook. I believe in making time just to paint and play because that's when my best ideas come out. Sometimes I'll even return to something I did years ago and see it in a new light. I had just gotten a new paint brush and this was an experiment playing with the dot like marks it could make. It reminded me of falling snow when it's still on the warmer side and the little pieces begin to clump together and create bigger flakes. I love how soft and dreamy this pattern feels, and it seemed like a natural fit for bedtime. We also chose a blush color which gives a rosy glow that can be really nice in the coming dreary winter months. In this soft blush tone it reminds me of falling cherry blossoms. 

2. What was your favorite part about the collaboration process for this collection?  

A collaboration is a fun chance to work with others on something you might not otherwise do, and to learn from one another--so my favorite part was working with Anne Read and Cassandra to bring the collection to life.  I enjoyed learning about why they started the line and how they couldn't find the pajamas they always wanted.  

3. We hear you like to head to bed early! What's your favorite way to unwind or relax at the end of the day? 

I do! One of the things I'm trying to make more of a habit of is stretching before I go to bed. It really helps calm my mind, but I don't always remember to do it. I also love to spritz a lavender scented spray on my pillow or apply a lavender hand cream before bed to help signal it's time to unwind. 


model photos - Olivia Rae James
accessories - Hampden Clothing
process photos - Rebecca Atwood