Pillow Talk: Lauren and Evie Lail

Is there anything sweeter than a mother daughter duo? To kick off our first Pillow Talk with a mother and her little one, we connected with Lauren Lail, founder of the adorable children's apparel brand Library Littles, and her daughter Evie. We wanted to know their bedtime essentials, what makes for the perfect sleepover, and some of the best advice Lauren has ever received from her mom. 

Evie Lail:
1. What makes a great sleepover? 
Evie: A dance party, a movie, popcorn and my best friends! 

2. Favorite bed time story or book? 
Evie: Geronimo Stilton books 

3. What's your favorite breakfast (or dessert) to have? 
Evie: I love vanilla cupcakes from Wildflour Bakery and my favorite breakfast are waffles

4. What do you love most about your mom? 
Evie: That she is loving and that she’s the best mom in the world!

Lauren Lail:
1. What are your bedtime routine essentials for both you and your kids? 
Lauren: We most recently tried the Hello Bello products and are loving them for bath and lotion. A book, sharing our highs and lows from the day and prayers before we tuck into bed in our Lake pajamas! 

2. Best advice you ever received from your mom? 
Lauren: She sent me something recently that I loved...“Maybe in raising children you lose your mind a little bit, but boy do you find your soul️!”

3. Favorite movies and/or books to watch and read with your kids? 
Lauren: Love Nancy Tillman books, On The Night You Were Born and You’re All Kinds of Wonderful are two of our faves! 

4. Favorite/most inspiring mom to follow on IG? 
Lauren: There are too many to name just one! I’m inspired by my friends, they are my everyday heroes!