Pillow Talk: Holly Thaggard of Supergoop!

Holly Thaggard is the founder and CEO of Supergoop! - a suncare brand that is ingredient-conscious and cruelty-free.  

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1. Why do you love what you do?

I've always loved to create, by nature I'm a builder and an educator. Supergoop! is a very mission driven brand with a big purpose; we want to change the way the world thinks about sunscreen so education is core to our brand. Supergoop! keeps me excited about what we're doing and even more excited about the confident, smart, dedicated and passionate people we're doing it with! We hardly ever look at the clock around Supergoop! as we're all way too busy making things happen!

2. How did you get to where you are now?

This is going to sound silly, but when I was a child I loved the animated classic Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. I watched it all the time and found the song "Put one foot in front of the other" sung by Mickey Rooney so inspiring. Kris Kringle was singing it to the Winter Warlock to inspire him to change his ways. He tells the Winter Warlock that change is as easy as taking your first step. I believe it is this early in life advice that still today reminds me to keep going by simply taking one step after the next. I think once you have chosen your path, it's time to get busy and develop the discipline that limits distractions along the way.

3. Who are your style muses? 

I love everything about Victoria Beckham's style. She'll pair a simple white tee with wide-leg trousers or a dark wash jean and it looks so effortless. I'm most comfortable and confident when I'm dressy casual so my style icons know how to make jeans and a tee their own with great accessories. For example, Kate Hudson always uses shoes, jewelry or a great bag to allow her personality to shine through.

4. What is your next travel destination? 

New York. We're growing really quickly, but we're still a small team. Influencing the culture of our team is really important to me so some months I'll spend up to 2-3 days a week working from NY. As for family travel, we all love the ocean so the day after Christmas we're headed to Newport Beach to ring in the new year from the west coast.

5. What is currently on your bedside table?

A stack of WWD Beauty Inc., which I love going back through on the weekends. A set of Hardy Boys books that belonged to my father when he was a boy. He passed them down to our son recently and we're having fun reading them together. Right now, we're working our way through The Great Airport Mystery. Supergoop! Forever Young Hand Cream, of course, and a Moleskin journal for making lists when I can't sleep at night. I'm also reading Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 to help us be better parents!

6. Tell us something that people may not know about you.

My original business model for Supergoop! was a complete failure. I tried to partner with elementary schools in an effort to teach healthy habits to our youth. I quickly learned SPF was considered an over the counter drug so it was actually prohibited on public school campuses so I had to shift to retail to build our brand. What's really exciting today is that state laws have begun to change to allow sunscreen on campus and through our retail sales we're able to fund putting Supergoop! in PK, K and 1st grade classrooms across America. We're aiming for supporting over 1,000 classrooms this school year!