The List: Mini Me

For our Heart collection, we're sharing the love with the little ones in our life. For the first time ever, we created sweet styles for your mini-me to take mother-daughter moments to the next level. From morning story time in bed to afternoon bike rides in the park, our Pima and cotton lawn shapes have got you covered. 


1. Charm Kids Long Long Set | LAKE PAJAMAS  2. A Raven's Nest by Raven Roxanne | LIL BIT LIT  3. Velvet Bunny Headband | MARIGOLD MODERN KIDS  4. First Go! Scoot Bike, Pink | BANWOOD  5. Candy Kids Summer Dress | LAKE PAJAMAS  6. The Sweetheart | BABIATORS  7. SPF 50 Fragrance Free | BABY BUM  8. Charlie the Cheetah Necklace | GUNNER & LUX  9. Frieda Fringed Bag, Natural | INDEGO AFRICA