The List: Self Care Sunday

It's officially Oscars weekend! Each year we look forward to curling up on the couch in our coziest pajamas and watching our favorite actors and actresses walk the red carpet in their best attire. Scroll down to see our favorite ways to integrate self care into your Oscars viewing this year:

1. Put on a face mask

We never skip an opportunity to pamper our skin. This gentle, clarifying mask will leave your face feeling smooth, soft, and refreshed.

2. Set the mood with a salt lamp

This calming light source, carved from an ancient salt crystal, releases negative ions that purify the air and instantly add a relaxing glow to your viewing party.

3. Enjoy a cup of tea

Is there anything more calming than sipping a warm cup of tea? Indulge your sweet tooth in a way that honors your body by mixing up this creamy, antioxidant rich Matcha latte while cheering on your favorite actors and actresses.