Bare Beauty's Fall Beauty Picks
Clean beauty blogger Jessica Morse of Bare Beauty shares her top three picks for the transition between summer and fall.

1. Pursoma Jute Dry Brush

It's time to exfoliate. This jute dry brush will not make you "lose" what is left of your tan; it will just remove dull, dead skin, and keep your skin in great shape. It's also a very effective detoxification modality. For a guide on dry brushing, click here.

2. True Botanicals Cellular Repair Serum & Antioxidant Booster

September is a great time to take care of any sun damage that occurred over the last few months. True Botanicals Cellular Repair Serum and Antioxidant Booster work in tandem to lighten hyper pigmentation and scarring, firm skin, smooth wrinkles, calm inflammation, and more. 

3. Rahua Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner

Most people's hair takes a beating over the summer, especially if it is colored. Rahua's new Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner help remove brassiness and keep color fresh and vibrant between touch-ups, no matter what shade your hair is.