The List: Sunscreen
Our top sunscreen picks for your summer adventures.


We've been Glossier fans for years and couldn't be more excited about their newly released sunscreen. Dubbed the "sunscreen for people who hate wearing sunscreen", its clear watergel formula gets the job done without leaving a greasy, white-tinted residue. We love that it fits right into your daily beauty routine and, on top of blocking UV rays, "works to neutralize harmful free radicals inside your skin, and keeps pollutant junk from getting in there in the first place".


If you're an active gal or busy mom that's always in and out of the water with her kids, we definitely recommend this high-performance, water-resistant sunscreen that provides lasting protection for both face and body. Supergoop's skin nourishing lotion is truly meant to be worn every day. We especially love that its unique oat beta-glucan helps combat the skin dehydrating effects of sun exposure.


This powerful, antioxidant-rich daily moisturizer shields from harmful rays and revitalizes skin’s radiance, firmness, and elasticity. Any sunscreen that can both protect + improve your skin is a winner in our book.