The List: Wellness Journeys

After our Desert collection photoshoot at the Amangiri in Utah, we're dreaming of our next getaway. With resorts in some of the most beautiful destinations across the globe, Aman offers wellness immersions and retreats incorporating local spa rituals with indigenous ingredients. Here are five Aman wellness experiences we wouldn't mind packing up and escaping to. 

1. Digital Detox Retreat at Amanwana - Moyo Island, Indonesia 

This 3 day retreat enables guests to find tranquility on the remote island oasis where no electronic devises will be permitted for the duration of the program. The natural beauty of Moyo Island provides the perfect setting for a truly immersive escape from daily life with a tailored schedule of nature walks, meditation and spa treatments to leave guests feeling truly rejuvenated. 

2. The Connaught Spa - London, United Kingdom

Aman's inaugural urban spa destination is a tranquil haven, imbued with an unparalleled sense of peace in the center of London's Mayfair. Treatment and fitness facilities flow from the striking black granite heated swimming pool at the spa's heart. 

3. Laos Baci Ceremony at Amantaka - Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is a Unesco-protected place of serenity, beauty and escape between the banks of the Khan and Mekong Rivers. In this spiritual town full of golden-spired wats, the Baci Ceremony is accompanied by chanting and is a traditional purification ritual and blessing.

4. Moorish Retreat at Amanjena - Marrakech, Morocco 

Find balance and healing with in-house and visiting experts trained to identify and correct individual problem areas. As well as group movement and alignment sessions, Moorish therapies will include an Argan oil head massage and traditional Moroccan Hammam treatments in the resort's Turkish Bath. 

5. Kokoro Retreat at Amangiri - Canyon Point, Utah 

This 3 day personalized wellness program focuses on guiding the mind, rejuvenating the body and nurturing the soul, while enjoying Amangiri's surroundings and discovering Native American cooking traditions. A daily itinerary will include mindfulness practice, physical challenges and body relaxation.