The List: Winter Wellness
Can anyone else believe it's December 1st? With the holiday season officially underway we thought it would be the perfect time to share some of our favorite ways to feel healthy and grounded during what is typically the most hectic time of year. Take a look at our picks below!

1. Moon Juice Dusts

These adaptogenic blends help your body combat stress and promote beauty from within along with so many more benefits. We're partial of course to Dream Dust which encourages a more restful sleep, but with so many amazing varieties the sampler pack is definitely the way to go. 

2. 10% Happier App

There are so many different meditation apps and methods available. What's great about 10% Happier is that you not only learn from experts in the field, but you benefit from Dan Harris' insight - someone who previously led a very stressful lifestyle and was a skeptic about the process. The approach is simple, clear, and never lets you feel like you've failed even when you can't even get through a one minute session. 

3. The 5 Minute Journal

Sometimes the act of daily journaling seems tedious and daunting. That's why we love the 5 Minute Journal - each day has a few simple but compelling prompts for you to complete like "I am grateful for..." and "3 amazing things that happened today". We guarantee this journal will become your new favorite way to slow down and appreciate your many blessings.