The Wyld Dock Bar's "Walk Before You Fly"

One of our favorite places in Savannah for cocktails is The Wyld Dock Bar. While we prefer enjoying ours at their beautiful dockside location, we're excited to share one of their recipes below in case you don't live near Savannah or just prefer to enjoy a cocktail at home in your pajamas! 

The Wyld Dock Bar Walk Before You Fly

"Walk Before You Fly" from The Wyld Dock Bar:

1.5 oz gin

.75 oz fresh lemon juice 

.75 oz crème de framboise (Combier recommend)

2 dashes lavender bitters 

Combine all ingredients and shake. Strain over ice or serve straight up if preferred. Zest lemon peel over drink and garnish. 

(photo courtesy of The Wyld Dock Bar)