Wellness: New Year Necessities

Winter is in full swing and that means one thing: a wellness restart. We are looking forward to cozy nights at home full of home-cooked meals, leisurely baths and of course, the softest pajamas. We can’t wait to explore all of the things on our January list, including diving into Alison Roman’s new cookbook, Dining In, or rearranging the house with a little help from organizational pro Marie Kondo. Whether you’re looking for beauty, health, or mental resets, we hope our list of new year essentials help you get through the next few weeks. Stay warm, friends!

1. Super Pure Serum | GLOSSIER  2. Dining In | ALISON ROMAN  3. Liquid Nighttime Multimineral | MARY RUTH'S  4. Colorblock Alpaca Throw | JENNI KAYNE  5. Sky Ribbon Long Sleeve Set | LAKE  6. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up | MARIE KONDO  7. Pure-Castile Bar Soap | DR. BRONNER'S  8. 2019 Calendar | VERRY ROBIN CO