Gift comfort and joy

We founded LAKE with celebrations of all kinds in mind, whether the full-throttle thrill of the holidays or the simple joy of a Saturday morning. And while celebration happens on a sliding scale of grandeur (this time of year is at the tippy-top), it rarely happens alone. Celebratory moments are closely, often completely, intertwined with the ones we love. That's why we often feel under pressure when it comes to holiday gifting: A present is a recognition of someone you love, but it's also a representation of you. Luckily, it becomes instantly clear how much you care when family and friends unwrap something soft, special, and ultimately restorative. It's better to give than to receive — but it's better still to give their favorite gift of the season.

We know because we've played the part ourselves: Moms are the unsung heroes of the holiday season, the ones who reliably make the magic (and memories) happen year in and year out. Gift her pieces that show solidarity and support through softness. And if it's you? Permission to treat yourself.

Wink, winke

Give them what they really want: better sleep.

Coordinating pajamas guarantee the kids stay cozy — even when they're up way past bedtime. Shop the gift guide for littles.

The sign of a good host? You feel completely at home, whether for a dinner party or a long weekend. The sign of a good guest? Come bearing gifts.

Pima for all (including him).